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twenty-four hours, seven days a week.

The Stream

The Stream

Currently I stream 7 days a week from 1pm to 6pm, sometimes later.

The Game

The Game

Being a full-time Star Citizen streamer, the main game I stream is, well you guessed it, Star Citizen. However sometimes I’ll play something new to change it up.

Content Creator Extraodinaire

This is where you are most likely to find me. Engaging with our awesome community and bringing you only the best quality live stream.


Your source for replays, highlights, reviews and tips & tricks, the youtube channel covers it all! 

Voice Attack

Voice attack is a speech recognition software that interfaces not only with Star Citizen, but all games. I make awesome profiles for users.


I even do a little bit of design & art work in my free time. I focus mostly on twitch themes and shirt design.

There's good reason we have one of the best communities out there.

It's made up of people like you


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